Wheat Film Hits National Audience

Harvesting the High Plains, a wheat documentary, aired on national television Oct. 1. The film, narrated by Mike Rowe, tells the story of Kansas Wheat farmers and the obstacles they have overcome to reach the successes of today.

Intended to honor those involved in the wheat industry today, the film is the story of farmers overcoming the toughest challenges seen by producers of food across the world today.

Available through PBS home video, the film is set to be playing across the nation during various times during over the next four months. Check your local listing for further information.

Filmaker, Jay Kriss is excited for the film to reach a national audience.

“For a little story about Kansas, it is great to get such a national presence,” said Kriss.

Click the link below for a small preview of the film.


About Nicole Lane

Kansas Wheat Communications Intern from John Day, Oregon. Nicole is currently a freshman at Kansas State University studying Agriculture Communications & Journalism.
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2 Responses to Wheat Film Hits National Audience

  1. dltnhenry says:

    Good post. Thanks for taking this one on.

  2. Gharghanti says:

    lovely movie with great message ..thanks for sharing with national audience..keep it up.

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