Argentinean Farmers Visit Kansas

On a normal year, Argentina and the United States would be competitors in the world wheat market. Argentina has consistently been a large wheat export country and supplier to Brazil. However, after action from the Argentinean government has driven the production of wheat and wheat exports down, it has opened opportunities in the Brazilian wheat market for the United States.


Wheat production has decreased so much in Argentina that this traditionally wheat bountiful country may end up importing wheat before the marketing year is through.

On August 13, 12 Argentinean wheat farmers visited the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center to learn about the wheat industry in the “Breadbasket of the World.” During their visit they caught a glimpse into the American wheat industry and were fascinated by the research and development progressing here in Kansas. Combined with a visit to the International Grains Program the group was able to compare their experience of the Kansas wheat industry to that of their home country.

The group was sponsored by the Kansas Agriculture Rural Leadership Program.


About Nicole Lane

Kansas Wheat Communications Intern from John Day, Oregon. Nicole is currently a freshman at Kansas State University studying Agriculture Communications & Journalism.
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  1. Gharghanti says:

    good helps a lot to farmer community…

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