Harvest is Underway….

A mere 24 hours after this blog reported harvest would not start until next week, we learned that OK Co-op in Kiowa had taken its first loads of the 2013 wheat crop on June 12.

Steve Inslee, manager of the cooperative, said two farmers began harvesting near Hazelton in Barber County on Tuesday. The grain was plenty dry – 9% to 11% moisture – and quality was okay. Inslee anticipated that harvest would really get rolling on June 14, when custom harvesting crews are expected to roll into the area.

Although he expects to take in about one-third the total of last year’s harvest, he is looking forward to getting started. However, he said some of the “thrill” of the annual wheat harvest is gone, thanks to droughty conditions that have forced many farmers west of Kiowa to abandon their wheat crop.

Next week, Kansas Wheat will begin its annual “Wheat Harvest Reports,” five-time- per-week updates on harvest progress, quality and production from throughout the state. If you are interested, check out the Kansas Wheat website.  

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