Proud to Support FFA Week

“I believe that American agriculture can and will hold true to the best traditions of our national life and that I can exert and influence in my home and community that will stand solid for my part in that inspiring task.” ~Paragraph 5, The FFA Creed by E.M. Tiffany

Tomorrow February 23rd will mark the last day of National FFA Week 2013. But just because the spotlight will be off the blue jackets does not mean these students will stop the great work they are doing. As a past FFA member and former FFA State Officer I can tell you that the work for the year has just begun. Members will be gearing up for contests, constantly preparing service projects and education events, and attending leadership conferences.

This year’s FFA week theme was GROW. Something I believe very fitting to the National FFA Organization, agriculture, and the impact FFA has on students.

“FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.”                                                                                                                              ~FFA Motto

The FFA motto encompasses exactly what the National FFA Organization and FFA week is all about. Throughout this week chapters from all over the country have been hosting teacher appreciation breakfasts, ag olympics, ag in the classroom visits and countless other activities. This week is all about educating others about FFA and agriculture.

FFA members are the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Through agricultural education and hands on learning they are preparing themselves for over 300 careers in the food, fiber and natural resources industry. National FFA Week is a tradition made possible by the National FFA Foundation and annually encompasses February 22nd George Washington’s birthday. I personally believe that this is one of the greatest traditions that National FFA celebrates and that it helps students live out the last paragraph of the FFA Creed where they are given the opportunity to exert and influence in their home and community that will stand sold for their part in the inspiring task of ensuring the future of agriculture in America.

For each member there comes a day where the blue corduroy must be unzipped for good and we move on. However the influence and impact left on that member never leaves.

“You may outgrow the jacket but you will never outgrow the experience.”


As members grow in the organization and eventually graduate, the values, skills, and knowledge that FFA gives remains. These members are the future of agriculture and will grow to find career success in the industry of their passion. Personally my experience with FFA helped me find my purpose, discover my passions, and determine my future career in agriculture. Here in the Kansas Wheat office we have another who also found great success in the FFA. Our Membership and Government Affairs Specialist, Dalton Henry served as State President of Kansas FFA in 2006.

For many, FFA creates a foundation for a career where they can continue to grow as individuals, leaders, and agriculturalists. As this year’s FFA Week comes to a close we hope to recognize the work that the members will continue to do throughout the rest of this year and beyond. Even though FFA week will end, the growth gained through membership in this great organization will not. Kansas Wheat is proud to be a supporter of the National FFA Organization and the Kansas FFA Association.




About Nicole Lane

Kansas Wheat Communications Intern from John Day, Oregon. Nicole is currently a freshman at Kansas State University studying Agriculture Communications & Journalism.
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