Kansas Wheat: One of Kansas’ ‘Notable Events’

Those of us involved in the Kansas wheat industry know its importance to the state. Wheat production, milling and baking ranks as one of the top agriculture sectors in the state. Together, each year, more than 22,000 Kansas farmers produce enough wheat to feed every man, woman and child on this planet, for an entire week.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback agrees that in Kansas, wheat is a big deal. As part of the state’s commemoration of the Kansas sesquicentennial, he announced the top 12 Notable Kansas Events, as selected by the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Panel for History.  

The state’s Wheat Industry ranks as one of the 12 Events. In a statement, he said: “On March 5, 1862, the Kansas Legislature formed the Kansas Agricultural Society. This organization would later become the State Department of Agriculture, and it vigorously promoted Kansas to prospective settlers, including Volga German farmers with agricultural skills. Just a few years after successfully recruiting these immigrants to Kansas, the state surpassed other states in the production of winter wheat.”

The announcement of the 12 Events is a fitting end to the year-long celebration of the Kansas Sesquicentennial, Governor Brownback said.

“Our state has been at the forefront of national movements since its founding 151 years ago. This year, we marked our state’s sesquicentennial by honoring the Top 25 Kansans in history, holding a cattle drive through our state’s largest city, wearing period clothing, and singing Home on the Range–hundreds of times,” Brownback said. “It’s a fitting end to the year of celebrating our history to recognize the 12 events in Kansas history that most impacted the nation and the world.”

 Other notable events, as determined by the Panel, are listed in chronological order:

  • Overland Trails, 1821
  • Indian Removal, 1838
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act, 1854
  • Railroad Development, 1859
  • Women’s Rights, 1859
  • Wheat Industry, 1862
  • Cattle Drives, 1867
  • Reform Movements, 1881
  • Aviation Industry, 1925
  • Dust Bowl, 1935
  • Brown v. Board of Education, 1954
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