BASF Launches Kixor-based OpTill Pro Herbicide

The chemical company BASF is launching a new herbicide that should help farmers cope with waterhemp, which is quickly becoming resistant to glyphosate in soybean fields across the Midwest – and other grasses and small-seeded broadleaves.

OpTill Premium Residual Option (PRO) provides soybean growers with targeted control of several grass species including resistant waterhemp, according to a BASF statement.

OpTill Pro, which just received EPA registration, is effective for burndown and residual control of waterhemp. It combines Kixor herbicide technology, with the same active ingredient as Outlook herbicide on grasses and small-seeded broadleaves. OpTill Pro is a combination of the company’s Sharpen and Pursuit herbicides, and contains three sites of action for more effective burndown activity.

According to BASF, one waterhemp plant in one acre can produce 100,000 seeds. And if one-tenth of those seeds are resistant, they can lead to more than 6.25 million resistant waterhemp plants at harvest in that same acre just two years later.

Wheat may be planted four months after an OpTill Pro application of 2 ounces per acre.

Click here for the company’s press release on OpTill Pro.

OpTill PRO will be registered by state and available for sale in time for the 2012 growing season.

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